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About Us


    Aueem Refrigeration is a technology company that works in partnership with a broad range of industrial and commercial customers to design and supply advanced technologies that optimize their operational performance and profitability. From rail vehicle air conditioning system manufacturers to commercial HVAC solution provider and appliance manufacturers, our products enable our customers to monitor, control and automate their products and processes, thereby maximizing safety, efficiency, reliability and ease of use.

    Our commitment to customers is seen company-wide from a seasoned team of factory sales representatives and agents that receive extensive training to superior customer service strengthened by an integrated service center that allows the same representative to support each customer from order entry through fulfillment to a network of strategically located distribution facilities to ensure that products take the most direct route from manufacturing to customer delivery. With the continuous reinvestment in equipment, products, and most importantly people, Aueem Refrigeration is prepared to meet the needs of a growing family of customers more than at any time in the company’s history. Meet with us, one of the leading Refrigeration parts (Air conditioning Ball Valve, Air conditioning Check Valve, Automotive Oil Separator, Heat Exchanger Accumulator, Steel Muffler) supply in China.


Our quality policy is:

Adhere to the customers as the center, and the continuous improvement of products,processes and systems,and continuously enhance customer satisfaction. Punctual inexpensive product to the user and to ensure the performance and quality of these products meet the stipulated requirements. Quality is everyone’ job,not the responsibility of one department. Implement our quality program in product design until the user is satisfied with the whole process.
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Testing Instruments

Check-Valve--Leakage-detecter Hydrogen-detector baopo qingjie yali yanwu yingdu 2.5D-projector

Production Equipments

Automatic-tube-shrink-machine Ball-valve-Argon-arc-welding-machine CNC-numerical-control-machine laser-welding-machine Robot-welding-machine high-frequency-inductive-welding-machine