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Mufflers are designed to eliminate pulsation in compressor discharge line running to remote condensers. Mufflers have internal baffles designed for minimum pressure drop. These baffles change the velocity of the discharge gases passing thru the muffler.

In circulatory system, the refrigerant must be convert became gas before returning to compressor. So it has to separate gas and liquid before the refrigerant enters into the compressor. And let the gas refrigerant enters into the compressor will not cause strike. The liquid refrigerant evaporate slowly in the vessel, then enter the compressor after evaporation. In order to make the residual refrigerant oil come back to compressor, there is a hole in the bottom of tube in Accumulator which may let the oil come back.

The refrigerant must be clear and dry before entering into the expansion valve in the refrigeration recycle system, otherwise the contaminant will cause jam for expansion valve. And will cause ice jam if have the water. In order to prevent the above two bad results, we need to install a filter drier before the refrigerant enters into the expansion valve.

The function of Vertical Receiver and Horizontal Receiver is to store the liquid refrigerant which supplied to evaporator. The liquid receiver is capable of storing all the refrigerants in system when maintaining the system.