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When compressor is in operation, the outlet of compressor always has lots of refrigerant oil. We need to install an steel separator between compressor and condenser to separate the refrigerant oil and refrigerants in order to prevent the compressor not lose too much refrigerant oil and prevent the refrigerant oil flow to system with refrigerants to interfere the condenser’s heat function and evaporator cooling function. Then the oil will flow back to the compressor crankcase.

Due to system design, loads & defrost cycles, varying amounts of oil can be returned by the oil separator. Because of this, a safety reserve of oil is required for the operation of our oil control system. The oil receiver is the holding vessel for this stand-by oil. It has sight glass ports to observe the oil level inside the vessel.

G series oil filter can filtrate 99% of 3 micron grain but still have enough flow rate to maintain the low pressure drop. G series oil filter has a very high capacity of filtration. It can return the cleanness POE oil and mineral oil back to the compressor. The clean oil not only can make sure the oil regulator working properly but also can reduce the abrasion of the compressor.

The Oil level regulator controls the oil level in the compressor crankcase with a float operated valve. The regulator maintains the oil level in the compressor crankcase at 1/2” sight glass. If lower than this level, the float operated valve will open and fill the oil from oil receiver by automatic. If it is in the right oil level, the valve will close and stop filling oil.